Religious Moderates Are Keeping Extremism At Bay

(NAPSI) - A moderate version of Islam is proving to be a key element of a successful approach to keeping religious extremism in check.


The Africa I Never Expected: On Safari With Micato

(NAPSI) - I went toAfrica for the animals, and for good reason you won’t find wildlife more magnificent anywhere else in the world. And I relished every moment of my bush adventures, expertly orchestrated by Micato Safaris. But by the time I left Africa, it was the people who had captured my heart.


Did You Know?

(NAPSA) - Fromm Family Foods, a fourth-generation, family-owned company specializing in premium dog and cat nutrition, offers five unique, dry cat foods and four artisan canned cat foods for a variety of ways to meet your cat's desires.


Ten Reasons To Visit Orlando This Year

Orlando, Florida (NAPSI) - Whether you’ve already traveled to the land of sunshine and smiles or would like to Orlando, Florida has new experiences to excite the entire family. Here are 10 new reasons to visit:


Avoiding Mommy Guilt When Returning To Work

(NAPSI) - Motherhood is a great joy, but caring for a child brings many tough choices and decisions that can lead to stress and feelings of mommy guilt. One of the largest stressors many new moms have to deal with is attempting to re-enter the workforce.


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