Moroccans Celebrate Leadership And Reforms

(NAPSI) - Citizens of Morocco are marking a period of significant change and progressive developments. July 30th marks the 15th anniversary of King Mohammed VI ascending to the throne.


Making The Right Choices When Incorporating A New Venture

(NAPSI) - If you’re passionate about starting a new business, you may have the urge to jump right in without considering several key factors. One of the most critical is selecting a type of business structure and the tax implications that result from that choice.


The Africa I Never Expected: On Safari With Micato

(NAPSI) - I went toAfrica for the animals, and for good reason you won’t find wildlife more magnificent anywhere else in the world. And I relished every moment of my bush adventures, expertly orchestrated by Micato Safaris. But by the time I left Africa, it was the people who had captured my heart.


Religious Moderates Are Keeping Extremism At Bay

(NAPSI) - A moderate version of Islam is proving to be a key element of a successful approach to keeping religious extremism in check.


Ten Reasons To Visit Orlando This Year

Orlando, Florida (NAPSI) - Whether you’ve already traveled to the land of sunshine and smiles or would like to Orlando, Florida has new experiences to excite the entire family. Here are 10 new reasons to visit:


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