A new study from Quorum shows that women in Congress are working hard (and together) to make real progress. In addition to other impressive statistics, the startup reports that women in the Senate are more active than their male counterparts, with individual women senators introducing 96.31 bills on average to the men's 70.72 bills. They're also more successful 2.31 bills created by female senators were enacted over the last seven years compared to only 1.57 bills from male senators.

Cancer is one of the most feared words of all. Almost every week I hear about a friend, acquaintance, old schoolmate or family member being diagnosed with cancer. I have Facebook friends who report almost daily about their routine chemotherapy treatments. They, along with millions more are in a battle for their lives.

The NCAA college basketball tournament is appropriately named March Madness. The craziest people associated with the sport are the University of Kentucky basketball fans. UK Coach John Calipari said so after the SEC tournament final game in Nashville, Tennessee. He stated to the 17,000 to 18,000 University of Kentucky fans, "You people are crazy."

Blasting  Congressional Democrats  for offering a bill to hike Social Security taxes and cut benefits cut,  Dan Weber, president of the Association of Mature American Citizens, called the proposal "just more income confiscation  that does nothing to solve Social Security 's financial crisis."

Social Security Matters by AMAC’s Certified Social Security Advisor C.J. Miles, Association of Mature American Citizens: