Stem Cell Treatment for Ankylosing Spondilytis in India:

Recovery after an accident, a surgical procedure and even an injury is usually a long tedious process that few people look forward to.  However Physical & Occupational therapists are especially trained to not only help with the recovery process but make sure that patients not only recover from their injuries them but also become stronger. 

(NAPSI) - When the seasons change, many women have found, it's wise to adjust their skin care regimen to take a defensive stance against changes in weather.

Sportsman Elijah V. launches site on tips on more energy, stamina and how to treat low endurance. His site reviews natural, herbal products that can increase stamina and endurance naturally.

(NAPSI) - While being diagnosed with cancer can make you feel vulnerable, surviving cancer can make you feel invincible. So says Melanie Young, host of the weekly radio show “Fearless Fabulous You” on W4WN, in her book “Getting Things Off My Chest: A Survivor’s Guide to Staying Fearless and Fabulous in the Face of Breast Cancer.”