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Organization Serving Today’s Girls Needs Volunteers

(NAPSI) - If you think the Girl Scouts of today are just about camping and cookies, you’re in for a big surprise; fun, new experiences are the main focus.


Movie Brews Up A Tale Of Love And Coffee - That's Entertainment

(NAPSI) - A new movie offers a fresh take on the eternal struggle to find love, success and the perfect cup of coffee.


Students Need Internet At Home

(NAPSI) - As schools increasingly turn to the Internet and new technologies, more and more, students are asked to perform online research, grades and assignments are posted on websites, and communication between teachers and parents and students is done through e-mail. Because of this, it’s increasingly important for families to have access to the Internet at home.


New Contest Can Make Math And Science More Engaging

(NAPSI) - Students and teachers who have a love of science or math and a knack for self-expression just might get a “bang” out of a new contest.


Equipment Has Vital Role For Fertilizer Application

(NAPSI) - When it comes to farm machinery, fertilizer application equipment may not capture as much attention as powerful tractors and big combines, but they are just as important to the success of American agriculture. Self-propelled and pull-type fertilizer spreaders, as well as tenders, play an essential role in applying nutrients to maximize crop production and help farmers meet global food demand.


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