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Learn IT Skills Quickly And Easily

(NAPSI) - A great, fun and lucrative career may be at your fingertips...if, that is, your fingers are on a computer keyboard, tablet or mobile device. More than 600,000 IT positions are currently open with employers across the country. These jobs with good starting pay, benefits and opportunities for advancement are often easier to get for people with professional certifications such as CompTIA A+, Network+ and Security+.


Innovations Help Consumers Get Quality Pork

(NAPSI) - When meat is on the menu, there’s a good chance it’s pork. Whether it’s bacon, ham or other favorites, pork accounts for about 40 percent of all global meat consumption.


Promoting the Benefits of Wireless Alerts

(NAPSI) - People may be surprised to learn that an emergency alert can be sent to their mobile phones, providing them with the life-saving information they need during an emergency.


A Moving Way To Honor A Fallen Hero

(NAPSI) - Traveling 12,000 miles in 31 days, four Navy SEAL bikers honored one of their own...and you can go along for the ride.


Wild About Wildlife

(NAPSI) - Ecotourism’s growing foothold in the tourism industry is driving travelers to seek out destinations for exploration rather than just escape.


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