(NAPSI) - Here’s food for thought: Diet choices you make every day affect not only your own health but that of the planet.

(NAPSI) - If you’re like many Americans, you have questions about your family history. Now, genealogy experts KenyattaBerry, Joshua Taylor and Mary Tedesco from “Genealogy Roadshow” on PBS offer some advice for researching your family’s history:

The newest river hippopotamus at the San Diego Zoo is just a few days old and already has an online following. The calf was born on Monday, March 23 at 6:30 a.m. with animal care staff observing. Mother Funani has had the main hippo exhibit to herself the last two weeks in anticipation of the calf’s birth.

When it comes to car advertising, truth should be standard equipment. That’s the message of Operation Ruse Control, a coast-to-coast and cross-border sweep by the FTC and state, federal, and international law enforcers aimed at driving out deception in automobile ads, adds-ons, financing, and auto loan modification services. The FTC cases offer 6 tips to help keep your promotions in the proper lane.

Your email has been hacked – what do you do?

Your computer has been hijacked by malware – how do you get it back?